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Developing a Quit Smoking Plan

Developing a wish list on why you want to quit smoking can increase your chances of quitting. Smokers who want to quit know the reasons to quit, whether it be for health, family, financial, or psychological. Often times the reasons to quit smoking involve many different areas of one’s life.

Knowing the reasons to quit smoking is a start when preparing your plan to quit. But you need to take it one step further by writing down your reasons to quit smoking. Once you have your list or “wish list” of reasons to quit smoking it is beneficial to rate them as to their importance and influence on your life. For example, you may have reasons that pertain to the financial aspects of smoking along with the health benefits of quitting smoking. For most the health benefits of quitting outweigh the financial benefits of quitting smoking, although the two are not mutually exclusive. By quitting smoking your health will improve and you may end up saving money on more than the cost of a pack of cigarettes. You medical bills from future complications caused by smoking would also have a direct impact on your financial situation. However, this is a secondary affect of quitting smoking based on living a healthier lifestyle. In this instance you may want to rate the reasons related to your health higher and give them more attention than the financial reasons.

By developing your “wish list” on why you want and even should quit smoking can come in handy in mentally preparing you for the challenge. Once you do quit smoking you also have a tool to look back on when you are faced with cravings to smoke. Keep your list in a place where you can quickly access it and review it often. Keep a copy in your pocket or make multiple copies and put one in your car, at work, and home.

Quitting smoking can be challenging. Knowing what you want and the reasons to quit smoking can be quite beneficial. It is as simple as meeting the goals on your “wish list”, you have been able to meet goals before in your life don’t let smoking hold you back. We have all gone through uncomfortable times in our lives and dealt with giving up destructive things. You can be victorious and quit smoking.

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