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Why People Fail to Quit Smoking

There are several reasons why people fail when trying to quit smoking. The majority of those reasons have to do with the psychological effects of smoking. Smokers have been tricked by themselves, the addiction, and society that they need to smoke to feel normal. In some respect this is true; smokers do need to smoke to feel normal because all day long they are treating the withdrawal symptoms associated with nicotine. Stated plainly, if you are a smoker you are addicted to nicotine, physically and psychologically.

There are several products available that can help with the physical aspect of nicotine addiction. However, compared to the psychological effects of smoking and addiction it is far less controlling. The key to quitting smoking is to focus on the psychological aspect and how it influences your life and what you choose to believe about smoking.

Some common reasons why people fail at quitting smoking are:

  • Fear of possible weight gain
  • No longer have that crutch to lean on
  • Smoking is pleasurable (believing the lie)
  • Smoking helps me to concentrate
  • Smoking reduces stress
  • Quality of life will be reduced
  • Don’t believe they really can quit

All are good things to consider but they should not cause you to fail at quitting smoking. For the most part, they are all based on lies that you have come to believe over many years of smoking. For example: the average amount of weight a person gains after quitting smoking is about 5 pounds. For most that is insignificant to their overall health and a good tradeoff. All the above do have something in common. They are all considered to be psychological effects of smoking.

If you believe that you need a crutch, or your giving up a pleasure and reducing the quality of life then you are only setting yourself up to fail. And if you don’t believe you really can quit then you probably won’t. By continuing to think about smoking the way you do you are in for a hard time. There is one thing that is keeping you from happily and easily giving up smoking, your mind! At this point your mind is working against you. Imagine if you were to undo the damage that smoking has caused and change your view and beliefs about quitting smoking. Doing so breaks the hold of the psychological effects that smoking has on you and opens the door to a new healthier you and increases your chances of success.

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