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10 Useful Tips For Staying Smoke Free After Quitting Smoking

Quit Smoking Tips

  1. Try to avoid drinking alcohol. Many smokers associate drinking with smoking cigarettes.

  2. Don't eat a lot of fatty or sweet foods. Worried about weight gain after you quit smoking?

  3. Avoid places where you used to smoke.

  4. Avoid being around people who smoke.

  5. Exercise, go for walks, or take up jogging.

  6. Distract yourself when you have the urge to smoke. For more information on fighting urges to smoke after quitting smoking visit the managing cravings section.

  7. Drink a lot of water.

  8. If you are using a nicotine cessation product like the nicotine patch, use it correctly.

  9. Find alternative methods to improve your mood, rather than smoking.

  10. Use your support network. You can quit smoking!

Quitting smoking takes hard work and dedication. You have to want to quit smoking and have the confidence in yourself that you can quit. Many people who try to quit smoking don't succeed on their first try. If you do slip and have a cigarette, quit smoking again and keep trying. After quitting you may find yourself craving cigarettes and experiencing smoking withdrawals. You will kick the habit, don't give up.

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