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Stress after Quitting Smoking

Whether you are a smoker or not, dealing with stress can be difficult for some. For those that do smoke and whom are quitting smoking the psychological and physical withdrawals can magnify stressful situations making them increasingly difficult to manage. When dealing with stress after quitting smoking it is important to remember that it will get easier the longer you remain smoke free.

What is stress? Stress is typically a situation, or event, that directly affects our bodies and/or minds. Stress in itself is not always a bad thing. Stress can motivate people to work harder or improve the quality of their life. Stress can have negative effects on a person as well. When stress is not managed it can create health problems, affect your job, and cause emotional problems.

Stress is part of everyday life and by managing our stress we are able to get through our day without suffering from the negative effects that are associated with stress. When quitting smoking it is difficult to incorporate the psychological and physical effects of nicotine withdrawal into our stress management. For so long smoking has been one of the ways used to manage stress. For the most part it has been an effective tool however, it does come at a cost. New issues arise that are the direct effect of smoking that ends up creating more stress. Either we are sick of the nasty habit; health issues arise, protecting ones’ family from secondhand smoke, and so on. There are many reasons to quit smoking and anyone of them can bring on stress. One of the biggest causes of stress when I was quitting smoking were my failed attempts. I typically felt guilty and upset with myself for not being able to quit. This would in turn create more stress for me making it harder and harder not to smoke. I realized that in order to really quit smoking I had to not beat myself up for failing. People who are trying to quit smoking typically aren’t successful their first time.

There will be stress after quitting smoking. It is important to know that and plan for it. Find the things that make you want to smoke and write them down. These are your triggers. Some may be physical while others are psychological. Knowing what causes stress in your life can help you develop a plan and methods to deal with stress after quitting smoking.

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