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Do You Believe Smoking Relieves Boredom?

It’s true that having a cigarette will help pass the time. You could even pass more time if you were to have several cigarettes in a row. Smoking to relieve boredom is one of the worst things a person can do. In fact, the idea that smoking could relieve boredom is false.

Smoking in itself does not relieve boredom. Sure it might pass the time but it does not relieve boredom. As a kid I was one of the most bored people around. My mother used to say, “I was born bored.” During this time of my life I was not a smoker and I never even entertained the thought that smoking would relieve the boredom I was feeling at the time. So why then after I picked up the nasty habit of smoking that I believed it would relieve boredom?

The truth of the matter is, it never did. Sure maybe somehow I convinced myself that it would but that was not true. The only thing that can relieve boredom is to do something that interests you. There are many things that can be done to relieve boredom that don’t involve smoking. The key is to find something that is enjoyable doing not something that is slowing killing you.

The psychological effects of smoking are most certainly the main obstacle between you and quitting smoking. In order to really want to give up smoking you need to confront the lies that you have come to believe about smoking. There are countless ways to get through life without smoking and destroying your health one puff at a time.

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