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Quit Smoking Excuses

I can remember back to when I started thinking about quitting smoking. Once I made up my mind to actually quit something strange happened. I started to go over in my head the reasons why I thought I needed to smoke. I relied so much on the effects of nicotine and the way it made me feel I grew more and more anxious as I thought about quitting smoking. I found myself smoking more and more just to cope with the stress of quitting.

It wasn’t until I started dealing with the psychological aspects of smoking that I was able to reduce this stress and actually believe that I could quit smoking. Confronting the many reasons why you smoke is an important step in your plan to quit smoking. Most of my smoking years I didn’t ever take into account why I smoked. It was merely something I did and for the most part I liked its effects. Unfortunately, now I suffer from many of the negative effects smoking has had on my body. The reasons to quit smoking greatly out weighed the reasons to smoke.

By changing my beliefs about smoking and opening my eyes to what it has done to my health has greatly helped in my effort to quit smoking. No longer do I tell myself that I need a cigarette to get through a stressful situation, instead taking a quick walk or finding somewhere quiet to relax for a moment serves me just as well as a smoke would and without the negative effects.

The mind can be a powerful contender when trying to quit smoking. The best thing to do is to get it on your side. Even before you quit smoking identify what types of triggers make you want to smoke. Listen for the lie and change your belief. Repeating your new belief if necessary. It takes a little time to ingrain these new beliefs but not nearly as long as it took to convince yourself that you need to smoke for whatever reason. Millions of people live their day-to-day lives without smoking, and might I add, with no regrets. Quitting smoking has been the best thing I could do for myself.

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