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Psychological Fear of Quitting Smoking

Isn’t it amazing that most smokers know exactly what they are doing to their body each time they have a cigarette. We feel the health effects of smoking every day, even more so when we have to exert ourselves in a physical activity. Merely knowing that cigarette smoking is bad for our health is not enough to make anyone quit, why is this?

Over the years smoking has become more than just a physical addiction but a psychological addiction as well. In my opinion it is the psychological effects of smoking that kept me smoking for as long as I did. Even the times when I was able to quit for any length of time it was a psychological event that took place that, for some reason, made me start smoking all over again.

They may have helped with the physical withdrawals of smoking but not the psychological effects of smoking. Peter Howell’s book helped me to take the psychological effects of smoking and the lies by the horns and turn my life around to the point that I was no longer fearful of quitting smoking and it gave me the necessary tools to quit smoking and so far stay quit.

You too can learn the truth about smoking and the psychological effects of smoking, I am glad I did. I feel better, I smell better, I have more money, and I am no longer a slave to smoking. Thank you Peter Howell! If you are interested in learning the truth about quitting smoking and would like to quiet the voices in your head I would suggest checking out the “EasyQuit System”. Don’t worry, it is very affordable and even comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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