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Psychological Excuses to Not Quit Smoking

Are you scared to quit smoking? Do you make excuses to not quit or to push out your quit smoking date? I know I was and did. As bad as I wanted to quit smoking I was fearful of the whole idea and when the day came to quit something would usually happen that convinced me to push my quit smoking date out a week, then another week, and another. Before I knew it I had pushed my quit smoking date out 8 weeks. I realized that I would not get those 8 weeks back and that I really had a problem. Yes, I did want to quit smoking. I knew it was a nasty habit and it was not good for my health. So why was I so scared to quit smoking?

Consider this; fear prevents us from doing certain things that would result in harm to our mental and/or physical well-being. Would you jump out of a plane without a parachute? Of course not, it would definitely end up with you being dead. Maybe that is too drastic of an example. Lets take the frog and the boiling water story. If you were to put a frog in a pot of boiling water it would instantly jump out. However, if you were to put the frog in a pot of cool water and gradually increase the heat the frog would remain in the pot till it was too late. Well that is how smoking is. A smoker gradually smokes more and more while succumbing to the psychological effects of smoking till one day it is to late. Each cigarette you have is potentially killing you a little bit at a time. We all know this too well, so why is it so hard to quit smoking?

The psychological effects of smoking are by far the major obstacles to overcome when quitting smoking. For some reason the fear of not being able to smoke is more than the fear of sickness or death from smoking. I know this sounds ridiculous but for many smokers it is true. In many instances it takes many years before feeling the negative effects smoking has on a person’s health. The reality of developing the various types of cancer is hard to accept until it is too late.

Smoking has been a crutch and over time you have become dependent on its effects to get through every day life. You have been convinced, falsely, that you need to smoke and if you quit you will not be able to handle life as it comes. I have mentioned in many other articles Peter Howell’s book, “EasyQuit System” and how it benefited me in my efforts to quit smoking. The book brings out into the open the psychological effects of smoking while providing an easy to follow method to quit smoking. For what it cost me for cigarettes in a weeks period of time I was able to learn how to deal with the psychological effects of smoking and quit for good.

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