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Psychological Effects of Smoking

There are two areas that need to be addressed when quitting smoking, the physical addiction to nicotine and the psychological effects of smoking. In this section we are going to focus on the psychological effects of smoking and how it relates to quitting. Over many years of smoking our minds become accustomed to the thought of smoking. We related certain pleasures to smoking; in essence we condition ourselves to believe something that is false and misleading.

The mind is going to be the most troublesome obstacle when quitting smoking and is a powerful contender. Over time smoking becomes a crutch. When we experience unpleasant emotions or stress the first thing we think of is having a cigarette to calm us down. Smoking is related to so many other things like taking time to think, to relax, after sex, topping off a meal, or even drinking a cup of coffee. These aren’t physical addictions they are psychological and 90% of quitting smoking is overcoming the psychological beliefs smokers associate with smoking.

The psychological effects of smoking can be so powerful that the simple thought about quitting smoking can bring on feeling of fear and anxiety. At times, when a smoker quits smoking the brain is going to be your worst enemy. Pressuring you into smoking because you need it or to relieve stress or anger. Your brain is lying to you each and every time. There is no, I repeat “NO”, benefit to smoking!

When quitting smoking you can control the psychological effects by changing the way you associate your daily life, feelings, and routines to smoking. If you can remove the “pleasure” aspect of smoking from your mind quitting will be easy. Instead link pain and suffering to smoking and find alternatives to dealing with stress, anger, boredom, excitement, anxiety, etc; that don’t require smoking.

They are out there and when you truly examine the effects of nicotine and smoking on the body you will see it doesn’t help relieve anything, you just think it does. In fact, if you look at the health effects of smoking on the body all it does is destroy and damage anything it comes in contact with, even those around you. Developing new healthy habits and beliefs to replace your old ones will greatly increase your chances of quitting smoking and staying quit. You simply won’t want to smoke, it is that easy.

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