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Incorporating Prayer into Your Efforts to Quit Smoking

It is estimated that over 80% of Americans believe in God. Of this 80% there are varying degrees that people actually practice and/or participate in some form of structured religion. For those that do there can be many advantages that may help a person quit smoking.

Faith is a powerful tool in a persons’ effort to quit smoking. For those that believe God is the creator of all things, all-knowing, and all-powerful it would be an easy task for Him to remove your desire to smoke. Through prayer and faith a person can quit smoking and start leading a healthier life. There have been many people who have relied on their religion and God to help them quit smoking. Relying on God in this way can give a person the psychological boost required to be successful in quitting smoking.

There are consequences for smoking and unfortunately people who have chosen to smoke will still have to face those consequences. The urge to smoke will most likely still come and go and unless you are ready to cope with the urges to smoke you may relapse. Prayer can be an important aspect in dealing with the cravings to smoke. Depending on the extent of your faith and drive to quit smoking, prayer may have a different impact on the success of handling the urges to smoke after you quit. The stronger the faith the easier it will be. However, nobody has perfect faith and it is important to consider the big picture after quitting smoking. Developing new habits to replace your old smoking habit is still critical in remaining smoke free after quitting.

One of these new habits, if not already a habit, is meditation. Meditation has many possible benefits. One of which is bringing you closer to God. In the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life it is important to be able to find the time to connect with God. To take time out and relax and just listen to what He has to say. Filling the time while you used to smoke can be as simple as reading a few versus in the Bible. Not only will this help in the quit smoking process but it will bring a closeness to God that may have been lacking due to not having the time before to do so. Just asking God to remove your desire to smoke is not enough; you have to believe that is what He will do when you ask. Don’t give in to the voice in your head that tells you to smoke and that you need it. It is a lie. You can quit smoking you just have to believe it for yourself.

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