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Quitting Smoking Requires Persistence

There are those instances in our lives that we look back and wonder why we struggled so hard to accomplish a particular goal, one that seems simple enough but at the time appeared overwhelming. When it comes to quitting smoking it can feel like one of the hardest things to do but in actuality all it requires is not smoking.

I finally decided to quit smoking after 15 or so years of smoking. I never wanted anything so bad in my life. Yet at the same time I felt like I would be giving up something that gave me pleasure. I don’t know why I thought that because each time I would have a cigarette I really did not like the taste, I was embarrassed of the smell, my car stunk, my fingers kept getting yellower, I really did not like to smoke.

quitting smoking requires persistenceBut of course after an hour or so after my last cigarette I would start to hear the voice in my head that would encourage me to go light up. There always seemed to be something that would make me think I needed a cigarette. Finally, one day I discovered that quitting smoking was not as difficult as I thought it was. I was only making it difficult because that is how I thought about it in my mind.

I was on my fourth day of trying to quit smoking. Each day I would say to myself, “Today is the day.” And everyday I failed miserably. I just didn’t understand because I WANTED TO QUIT SMOKING! Finally it dawned on me that I was still under the impression that smoking was helping me. I thought about the times I failed and why. Sure I was stressed but smoking did not take away the stress, it did absolutely nothing for me except make me feel guilty for failing. I came to the realization that smoking was completely unhealthy for me and offered me nothing of value or benefit. It was like having an epiphany. The light was turned on in my head and I was able to quit smoking and stay quit without regrets.

By being persistent in my efforts to quit smoking I was able to come to some powerful realizations and kick the nasty habit for good. I am glad that I no longer smoke nor wish to smoke again. Nicotine controlled my life and I was completely brainwashed into thinking there was benefit in smoking. The sooner you have your epiphany the sooner you will be smoke free and enjoy life without smoking.

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