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Health Effects of Smoking on the Pancreas

Your pancreas is located near the top of your small intestine. It has two very different purposes in your body. First, it helps digestion by releasing enzymes into the small intestine. Second, it regulates glucose levels in the blood. It does this by releasing hormones called insulin and glucagon into the bloodstream.

The Health Effects of Smoking on the Pancreas

Smoking causes pancreatic cancer. In 2003, an estimated 30,700 new cases of pancreatic cancer were diagnosed in the United States, and 30,000 deaths were attributed to it.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Smokers who quit reduce their risk of developing cancer of the pancreas.

Source: Surgeon General's 2004 Report

Health Effects of Smoking on the Body

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Smoking and the Pancreas - Smoking causes pancreatic cancer.

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