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Overcoming the Psychological Effects of Smoking

It is rare to come across a smoker that doesn’t know the harmful effects smoking has on their health. Just knowing that smoking is bad for you usually isn’t enough to make you quit smoking. It may motivate you to want to quit but in itself isn’t usually enough to make you quit.

Knowing the reasons to quit smoking and the various quit smoking products on the market doesn’t always provide the means and opportunity to finally quit smoking and remain smoke free.

There needs to be more and if you truly want to know how to quit smoking you need to confront the lies that you have come to believe over many years of smoking. So then how can I quit smoking?

Think about it this way. Have you ever been told that you can’t have something that you really want? Sure you have, we all have. Being told that we can’t have something makes us even want it more. This is similar to what we experience when we are told we should or need to quit smoking. We think we are missing out on something good. When in fact it is just the opposite. As we begin to devalue smoking and confront many of the misconceptions we have about smoking we can then begin to quit smoking. The motivation to quit smoking is already in you, now you need to focus on your desire to quit smoking.

You must come to realize that just because you stop smoking you won’t be missing out on anything. Over the years you have developed psychological beliefs about smoking that make you think smoking is your friend or beneficial at times. If you want to quit smoking this is what you need to undo to get started. Begin by preparing yourself by believing that smoking is not your friend and there are several different ways to get through life, happily, without smoking.

I remember before I quit smoking that I struggled with this concept. I was fearful that by giving up cigarettes I would be missing out on some of the good things in life. I wanted to quit and at the same time, I didn’t. I was completely brainwashed into believing that I needed to smoke in order to be happy. It wasn’t until I came across Peter Howell’s quit smoking program the “EasyQuit System” that I was able to undo the beliefs that were keeping me a slave to smoking. If you struggle with quitting smoking and the psychological effects of smoking I would highly encourage you to pick up Peter Howell’s book. Not only will it help you deal with lies about smoking but it will provide you the means to actually quit smoking. It did for me. Learn how to break the psychological desire to smoke and regain control over your life and health!

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