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Quitting Smoking Anxiety

Quitting smoking is likely one of the hardest things you will do in your life and simply contemplating it may make you feel anxious and uncomfortable. Quitting smoking anxiety produces feelings of fearfulness and uncertainty; there are many obstacles associated with quitting and you aren’t going to know exactly what you are dealing with until you quit.

Nicotine is highly addictive and your body has grown accustom to having a certain level of it. When you cut off the supply of nicotine your body will experience withdrawals which may trigger many different things such as; irritability, anxiety, anger, frustration, poor concentration, depression etc. Not everyone reacts the same when quitting smoking nor to the same degree, but it is well worth knowing what you are up against so you can have a plan.

The first step for dealing with anxiety associated with quitting smoking is to recognize it and come to an understanding that there will be challenges. Before you quit smoking develop a plan of action on how you will deal with anxiety. Determine what kind of lifestyle changes you can make to help alleviate thesequitting smoking anxiety picture feelings. You won’t be able to do away with them all together, however you can lessen their affects.

Ways of Dealing with Anxiety

For most dealing with anxiety after quitting smoking isn’t a chronic illness. Eventually your body will rid itself of the nicotine and you will learn how to live without smoking, but until then you will want to learn ways of dealing with anxiety.

The last thing you want to do is create additional stress and anxiety, in fact, your focus should be on how to manage your stress and anxiety better. Practicing deep breathing, getting physically active, eating healthier and finding ways to relax can all help manage your anxiety after quitting smoking.

Even though quitting smoking isn’t easy it is the best thing that you can do for your health. Don’t let fear and uncertainty keep you from kicking this addiction. If you are struggling with anxiety you should find additional resources or talk to your physician about other options. Good luck on quitting smoking, you can do it!

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