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Dealing With Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal

Most smokers are physically addicted to the substance in cigarettes called nicotine. Nicotine comes from tobacco leaves and is one of the most addictive substances on Earth. Nicotine is one of the things that keeps people addicted to cigarettes despite their harmful affects. One drop of pure nicotine could kill a person. A person who smokes gets about 1-2 milligrams of nicotine with each cigarette smoked. If you smoke a half a pack of cigarettes a day or more you are most likely addicted to nicotine.

Because your body has grown accustom to having nicotine in it, over time you may find that you had to smoke more and more to minimize the withdrawals. You may not realize this, but everyday you smoked you suffered from withdrawals. That is what kept you going back for more. When you quit smoking your body will have to get used to not having nicotine in it. Often times this does not feel good and will take a little time to get through. This is called nicotine withdrawal.

The good things is that as your body becomes accustom to not having nicotine in it, these feelings of withdrawal will go away. If you can make it for a week or so without smoking, most of these feeling will have stopped by then. Having just one cigarette during this time only makes the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal longer and harder.

Being physically addicted to nicotine and dealing with the feelings of withdrawal is one of the main reasons why many smokers have trouble quitting. These withdrawal feelings do not feel good. Smoking a cigarette may help but only for a short time. Studies have shown that when nicotine is taken out of cigarettes, people who smoke no longer like the taste. So even taste is related to nicotine addiction. The truth is that after a person quits smoking they will have more energy, they generally will need less sleep, and they feel better about themselves.

Common Feelings of Nicotine Withdrawal

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