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Quitting Smoking - Are you Addicted to Nicotine?

For many smokers it is difficult to remember the first time they had a puff from a cigarette. For the few that are blessed with good memories they remember that when they first started smoking it was a terrible experience. Not only did they cough uncontrollably but also they felt sick afterward. At the time your body was healthy and when cigarette smoke was introduced into your lungs your bodies natural defense mechanisms kicked in trying to rid itself of the poisons and toxins. Only if we knew back then what we know today maybe we would have never taken that first puff.

Nicotine is an addictive drug and it does not take long to become dependent on it. The tobacco companies knew this; they counted on it because they knew they could make a lot of money on a product that kept people coming back for more. It may take cigarette smoking many years to kill you but the fact is, the odds of dying from a smoking related illness is very high. Consider how much you spend on cigarettes in a week’s period of time. Multiply that by 52 and you have a good idea of how much of your hard earned money you are forking over to the tobacco industry. Take it one step further and multiply that by how many years you have smoked. Now you are really talking about big bucks. What a shame to put that money into something that is destroying your health. By quitting smoking you can stop forking over your money to other people’s bank accounts. Imagine what you could buy for yourself or your loved ones if you were to quit smoking.

When nicotine is introduced into the body it does not take long to feel its effects. Before we know it we are addicted and confronted with continuing to smoke or quit. That’s where the problems begin. Not only do we have to try and break a habit but also we have to deal with the cravings associated with nicotine withdrawal. These cravings can be powerful and make a person feel empty inside. Often times nicotine withdrawal is responsible for people being able to give up smoking altogether. Consider this, “you didn’t choose to be addicted to nicotine it chose you.”

Making the choice to quit smoking is a major life decision. It can be done; millions of people have proven it. Just like with any bad habit or addiction it can be broken. All you need is the means and opportunity to quit smoking. I found this quote in Peter Howell’s book the “EasyQuit System.” “Every cigarette is another insult to your body and it can only take so many.” Reading this opened my eyes to just how bad smoking was for me. The “EasyQuit System” not only gave me the desire to quit smoking but the means and the opportunity to do so. I would highly recommend this book to people who really want to quit smoking. Take back control of your life and give up smoking for good.

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