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Smoking Memories After Quitting Smoking

As a non-smoker one of the things that still bring on cravings to smoke every now and then are those memories of smoking. At times I think my brain is out to get me. Of course I don’t have those memories of how terrible it was and all the mornings I coughed up brown crap. No, the memories I get seem to incorporate feelings of peace and tranquility. All those good times I used to sit out on the porch with my good buddy, cigarette, and just relax.

To be honest most of my memories of smoking revolve around the feelings of being relaxed. Smoking was a great stress reliever for me, or at least I convinced myself that it was. When I get stressed I will tend to think about better times and usually those times had me with a cigarette in my mouth. And of course the primary reason those were better times was the cigarette in my mouth. By allowing my mind to make this association only solidified the smoking memory. In reality smoking really had nothing to do with relieving the stress. It might have been the deep breathing associated with smoking in conjunction with removing myself from the stressful situation.

When I first quit smoking I really did not have to deal with the memories of smoking a whole lot. Dealing with the nicotine withdrawals and the habit cravings took up plenty of my time. However, after a few weeks of not smoking I began to notice the memories of smoking. They typically would come and go without causing much disruption or urge to smoke a cigarette. It is easy enough to remind yourself why you quit smoking and that the perception your brain is giving off about smoking is false. The memory comes and goes almost as quickly. I did however find it more difficult to dismiss the memories of smoking when I let things get to out of control, whether it be too stressed out or too tired. It is important to develop ways in preventing this from happening. There are many different ways to deal with stress, such as; breathing exercises, talking to a friend, or taking a hot bath. Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you will do in your life. Be prepared for the psychological effects of smoking you will encounter and you will be successful at quitting smoking for good.

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