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Quitting Smoking  with Laser Therapy

On my quest for information on how to quit smoking, the easy way. I came across many ads that talked about, “quit smoking laser therapy.” What the heck do lasers and quitting smoking have to do with one another? I could not comprehend how you could quit smoking with a laser. In my mind laser meant pain and I wanted to quit smoking as painlessly as possible. Anyhow, I decided one day to really find out what quit smoking laser therapy was all about. If you are like how I was you probably need a definition of what quit smoking laser therapy is, so here you go.

Acupuncture is an ancient technique which evolved out of China that involves inserting small needles into acupuncture points on the body. Doing so is thought to bring about natural healing as well as improving the overall functionality of the body. Quit smoking laser therapy is quite similar to the traditional method of acupuncture except instead of needles a low-power laser is used.

How does quit smoking laser therapy work? Most smokers at some point experienced pleasure when smoking. One of the reasons for this is when nicotine is introduced to the body; the body reacts by producing endorphins. Endorphins are one of those feel good chemicals that the body produces when certain outside stimuli are introduced. The quit smoking with laser therapy focuses on breaking the link between the production of endorphins and smoking cigarettes. In general, laser therapy is used to address the various issues related to quitting smoking. The nicotine addiction itself, controlling your metabolism to help minimize the amount of weight gain, and the withdrawals aspects associated with quitting smoking.

The quit smoking laser therapy session lasts from 20 to 40 minutes. The therapist will most likely focus on acupuncture points that are located on your hands, arm, and face. The procedure is painless and most individuals only feel some tingling in their finder tips. Practitioners of laser therapy claim that there is an 85% success rate for smokers that use the quit smoking laser therapy program. Of course it depends a lot on the individual. Laser therapy works for the short term but unless you take additional steps to keep yourself from smoking you may find that you are confronted with cravings to smoke a few days after the treatment.

Some companies realize this and offer multiple sessions. Quit smoking laser therapy is a viable option for people that have made the decision to quit smoking. However, it is not for everyone. Find out as much information you can about the benefits and possible risks of laser therapy. See if there are any clinics practicing laser therapy in your area and ask them questions. How does it work? What’s included? How many sessions do you get? How much does it cost? Are there any health risks? The more you know about it and are comfortable with it, the chances are the quit smoking laser therapy will work for you. Consider consulting with your regular doctor for more information on using laser therapy to quit smoking.

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