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How I Quit Smoking

Quitting Smoking was nothing new to me. I have quit and started smoking several times over the period of time that I smoked, unfortunately it never lasted longer than a few months. I would often struggle with the idea that I was missing out on something by not smoking. I felt I needed at least one vise to work with or I would be bored.

A couple years ago I became tired of this back and forth behavior and each time I started smoking I would feel extremely guilty and very unhealthy. I decided I wanted to quit again but it had to be for good this time.

I researched quitting smoking on the Internet and gathered information to better help me understand the addiction. I had to do it different than before because I did not want to start again. I was led towards the psychological effects of smoking and I began to understand more and more why I failed in the past. A lot of information about quitting smoking is focused on the physical effects of smoking. I realized that by changing my mindset I would be able to conquer my smoking addiction and never want to smoke again. The physical aspect of nicotine addiction would pass quickly but it is the psychological effects of smoking that can come back for months.

I found the book “Easy Quit System” by Peter Howells that guided me through the quit smoking process using a psychological approach. I smoked while I read the book and followed the suggestions then when it was time to quit, I did. I was amazed at how much easier it was than when I had quit before. What is even better is that I have not wanted a cigarette since and I don’t desire to ever start smoking again. I finally understand that I am not missing out on a darn thing.

I suggest this book throughout my website because I believe in it and it worked for me.

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