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Quitting Smoking – How to Get Started

Before accomplishing anything there first must be a decision, in this case a decision to quit smoking. As you consider quitting smoking it is important that you educate yourself on what to expect. There’s a lot of information, tips and resources available and the more you know and understand what you are up against the better prepared you will be when you finally quit.

There is no silver bullet or easy quit smoking method; quitting smoking is uncomfortable and challenging; different things work for different people. The common ingredients are dedication and persistence in quitting. As long as you keep on trying eventually you will kick the habit for good but you must keep trying.

Why Are You Quitting Smoking

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Most smokers understand that smoking is harmful to their health and the health of the people around them. The health effects of smoking can be enough of a motivator for many to quit, especially if they are starting to (or have) developed a smoking related illness. Other reasons for quitting are to save money, protect your family, to be a positive role model and simply take back control of your life.

When quitting smoking it is important to know the reasons why you want to quit - write them down where you can read them often. It is your list that is going to fuel your drive and motivation when things get tough.

Remember that there are more ex-smokers than smokers in the U.S. and if they can quit so can you. One out of three smokers will die from a smoking related illness and the sooner you quit the better your odds of not being one of those statistics.

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