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Quit Smoking Fear

If you have thought about quitting smoking you most likely have looked at the benefits and effects of quitting smoking. They well out weigh the benefits of continuing to smoke. So why is that people have such a hard time quitting smoking? Could it be fear of not being able to smoke?

Think back to a time where you tried to quit smoking before. Or if you like tell yourself that your next cigarette is going to be your last. How do you feel? Are you excited or are you totally freaking out, increased heart rate, worry, feeling anxious, or can’t sit still. Could it be that fear is a factor that makes quitting smoking so difficult? All these years smoking cigarettes have been used like a crutch. Smoking would get us through some difficult times. The things we have done to convince ourselves that smoking is what we need to do to feel good or get through difficult times. These are all lies! Do you remember the first time you had a cigarette? Did it bring you any pleasure at all? My recollection was that it hurt my throat and lungs. It made me cough and it made my stomach queasy. I don’t recall much pleasure my first few times I smoked. My first mistake was having the belief that smoking was the cool thing to do. Boy, was that stupid.

Beliefs can be powerful influences on our lives. Once something becomes a belief it takes work to change that belief, even if it is wrong. Changing a belief can result in a fearful reaction that makes changing the belief even more difficult. Over the years smokers have formulated additional beliefs to how smoking helps them in their daily lives and in handling different types of stress and stimuli. They are not necessarily wrong beliefs but they aren’t very healthy beliefs. There is evidence to show that smoking and the chemicals in cigarettes can provide the body with a pleasurable experience.

Logically, is it true that smoking is the only or best way to deal with the events we deal with? “Smoking helps me when I am angry.” Sure, smoking may help you when you are angry but you still have to deal with the situation, what ever it may be. And there are many other ways to deal with anger that are much less damaging to the body. This concept goes along with every reason why we smoke. There is no belief that can’t be changed when it comes to quitting smoking. The fear you feel when you think about quitting smoking can prevent you from ever stopping. Confront the fear head on, it is a lie. Quitting smoking is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your family. The majority of the battle to quit smoking is mental. Change your beliefs to healthier positive beliefs. Live them and give up smoking for good. The only belief that you should have about smoking is that it will kill you and you don’t need it. Because it will and you don’t.

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