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Driving in a Car After Quitting Smoking

Many smokers have become accustom to smoking while driving in their car. There is some evidence that shows smoking a cigarette can make you feel more awake and more alert. While you were a smoker, you have come to rely on smoking a cigarette on both long and short trips. Anticipate the urge to smoke when you are driving in your car. You may find your desire to smoke will be stronger and more frequent on longer trips.

Here are some tips on staying smoke free when driving in your car. For starters, remove the cigarette lighter, ashtray, and cigarettes from your car. Sing along to your radio or favorite CD to help keep your mind off smoking. Clean your car thoroughly and be sure to deodorize it to get rid of the tobacco smell. Don’t let your friends or family smoke in your car and when you are riding in someone else’s car, ask them not to smoke. Try taking an alternate route to work or carpooling. Snack on some healthy snacks while you drive, try to keep busy and remind yourself that the urge to smoke will pass, think of how nice your car smells without the tobacco stink in it.

Nicotine cravings may be reduced by using nicotine replacement products, which deliver small, steady doses of nicotine into the body. Nicotine replacement products such as, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and nicotine lozenges, appear to be equally effective. Buproprion pills (which don’t contain nicotine) such as, Zyban or Wellbutrin also help relieve withdrawal symptoms.

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