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After Quitting Smoking Remember To Eat Healthy

Eating Tips for the new non-smoker

After quitting smoking you may find yourself eating more, and because you body may use food more slowly when you first "quit smoking" chances are you will gain some weight. So if you are going to eat, eat healthy. Remember what is worse, gaining a few pounds or continuing to damage your body by smoking. Below are a few tips to help you from gaining to much weight after you quit smoking. Nearly 80 percent of those who quit smoking gain weight. The average weight gain after quitting smoking is just five pounds. But keep in mind that 56 percent of people who continue to smoke will gain weight too. The bottom line: The health benefits of quitting smoking far out weigh any risks from the average weight gain that may follow quitting smoking.

Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain

Eating Tips after Quitting Smoking

Stay away from sweets and high-calorie foods, but don't cut back on eating to lose weight. You don't want to be craving both cigarettes and food at the same time. Keep low-calorie foods on hand if you like to snack, like fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, and yogurt. Drink plenty of water before and between meals. If you find yourself craving candy, get the sugar free kind. During this time eat healthy and stay away from fast food.

Exercise after Quitting Smoking

Everyday make time to exercise. You can do this by joining a gym, taking walks, or taking up jogging. By starting at just 10 minutes a day and working your way up you are on a path for a healthier you. There are many ways you can work in a little exercise after you quit smoking. Think of how much time you spent smoking. Exercising burns calories which will prevent you from gaining as much weight. Exercising can also help reduce stress which triggers your desire to smoke. For this reason exercise can distract you from smoking. If you eat healthy and exercise you will most likely not gain as much weight. It is also important to get plenty of rest. For more information read Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain.

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