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Quit Smoking Challenges

For months I considered quitting smoking. I would even set a date to quit only to watch it come and go without quitting smoking. I hated how I felt when I smoked, I hated the smell, I feared that I may get cancer, even worse I was terrified of not being able to see my baby grow up. Yet, it was so hard for me to quit smoking. I had so many good reasons to quit smoking it was baffling to me why I found quitting such a challenge. Time and time again I tried to quit only to fail.

To my surprise I decided to take another stab at it. Mentally I felt ready, I bought an herbal quit smoking aid and was ready to quit. I had failed so many times before why did I think this would be any different? Well the first day of my efforts to quit I failed, typical. However, the very next day I decided to not give up. I was amazed when I had made it almost one full day without smoking. Making it as long as I had was almost a record and it served to excite me and continue my drive to quit smoking.

The odd thing was that I did not take the quit smoking aid or any other aid for that matter. I just quit “cold turkey.” I was so concerned that the cravings would drive me back to smoking but they didn’t. Next thing I know it was almost two months since my last cigarette. How did I do it? To be honest, I don’t know. How was that day different from any other day? As far as I could tell it wasn’t.

I began to look back more and try to analyze what I had done and all I could come up with is that I was mentally ready to quit smoking. “Smoking was not an option!” The cravings came and went just like all the literature I had read. I was so sick of smoking that I believed I could quit and I kept trying. Finally, one day I quit.

I don’t know if this information will be of any use to fellow individuals whom are trying to quit smoking but I hope there is something that might bring you hope. I encountered many challenges when trying to quit smoking. The process to quit took almost a year for me. Each time I tried to quit smoking and failed I was angry and very disappointed in myself. Every time my chest hurt from smoking too much or I would get that hacking cough made me want to quit smoking even more. When I saw my baby run and laugh I knew I had to find a way to quit smoking. It just took time and if I can quit I think anyone can quit smoking.

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