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Breaking the Emotional Attachment of Smoking

Have you ever considered that after years of smoking that you may of developed an emotional attachment to smoking cigarettes? Smoking cigarettes has become your release, escape, and at times your best friend. It is hard to imagine a day going by without having a cigarette. If even confronted with the idea of going without can bring on feelings of despair and anxiety.

The psychological effects of smoking can be much more powerful than the physical effects. There is a way to prepare yourself to quit smoking and stay quit but first you have to break the emotional attachment.

Let me try to explain this concept in more detail with a story: Years ago, I was developing a relationship with a wonderful young lady. As we grew closer and closer I began to develop feelings for her. In a nutshell I was becoming very emotionally attached. As time went on we found ourselves parting for and going our separate ways. Even though the relationship had ended there was still an emotional attachment to her. It was hard to imagine living the rest of my life without her and that I would never be happy again. I had a couple of choices at this point. To either heal over time and experience victory or to run out and try to attach those emotions to someone (or something) else only to find out that I made another big mistake. I would imagine that most people could relate to the story above to some extent. Now consider the psychological effects that smoking has on you.

Over the years smoking has become one of our best friends and at times we think that by not having a cigarette we will be missing out on something good. As a smoker I have experienced the exact same attachment to smoking. Thinking about quitting smoking made me feel like I was never going to be happy again. That if I quit I would not be able to experience joy and peace in my life. It was not until I realized that what I was thinking and feeling was merely a psychological effect of smoking and was a complete lie.

Remember, that the majority of the population does not smoke. They are able to live happy productive lives without doing so. Peter Howell has a quit smoking program that helped me understand the psychological effects of smoking and to overcome the emotional attachment to smoking that has for so long held me captive. I would highly recommend Peter Howell’s program the “EasyQuit System”. It teaches people how to break the psychological effects of smoking and how to quit smoking and remain smoke free with no regrets.

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