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What's the Best Way to Quit Smoking?

Everyday smokers are looking for the answer to “what’s the best way to quit smoking?” or “is there an easy way to quit smoking?” The fact is people who smoke want to quit and improve the quality of their lives. All smokers know that smoking is damaging their health however, many of the same smokers also believe that if they were to give up smoking then they would be giving up something they enjoy.

So when looking for the best way to quit smoking it is important to consider what you really feel about smoking. Do you enjoy it? Would you miss it if you could never have another cigarette? Does the thought of quitting smoking make you fearful? These are just a few questions to consider. If you answer “yes” to one or more then there really is not best way or easy way to quit smoking.

The best way for you to quit smoking that will provide the most, long-term, benefit would be to address the psychological effects that smoking has on your brain. If you are able to come to terms that smoking is more than not good for your health but is something that you truly don’t enjoy it will make it easy to quit smoking. Giving up something that you don’t enjoy is much easier than if you enjoy it. It takes more will power to do things that you don’t like than to refrain from doing those things. By accepting and believing that you don’t enjoy smoking you can easily overcome the addiction you have been struggling with for so many years.

Nicotine is an addiction not a bad habit. Habits are easy to break especially when you know they are bad for you. Addictions are much harder to overcome especially if you think that you are benefiting from it in some way. This is true for most addictions, not just smoking. The best way to quit smoking is to realize that there is no benefit in doing it. When you address the psychological effects of smoking you will be choosing the best way to quit smoking and the easy way to quit smoking.

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