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Holding Yourself Accountable after Quitting Smoking

After quitting smoking the cravings kick in, the thoughts of smoking come and go and the things that make you want to smoke seem to bombard you. When these things happen and they will happen, it can be overwhelming. The voice in your head that says, “Just have one” can be very convincing at times. Holding yourself accountable after quitting smoking by getting an accountability partner can greatly increase your chances of not relapsing.

Finding an accountability partner is easy these days; there are millions of people either tryingaccountable after quitting smoking to quit smoking or wish someone they know and love would quit. Either one of these are a great choice. When you work with another person that is quitting you can support one another and both of you understand the challenges involved. If you work with a person that cares about and loves you-you know that they have your best interests in mind and will help you the best of their ability.

No matter who you choose; friend, family member or another quitter it is important that they be fair, understanding and firm. Choose someone that you feel comfortable with and remember that having an accountability partner will not work unless you are completely honest with them. You can’t expect them to help you quit smoking if they don’t know you are struggling or if you have slipped and had one.

Because of the way cravings work they often come and go quickly so by simply taking the time to call your partner when you feel them coming on may be enough for them to pass. Don’t feel guilty or weak for doing the smart thing and developing a support group while quitting smoking, it is the best thing you can do for your health and those around you.

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