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Thank you for visiting my quitting smoking website. I gathered these resources and information when I was preparing to quit smoking and realized that even with all the resources available on the Internet, they seemed to lack the personal, real person touch.  I hope to bridge that gap while offering visitors this collection of useful information.

I smoked for almost 20 years continually with a couple short quitting attempts.  As I look back, it seems I have been wanting and somewhat trying to quit for years and years.

I felt what it was doing to my body but I figured we all got to die sometime and the health effects of smoking won't catch up to me until I have lived a full rich life.  When I realized that living a full rich life meant living past 40 (ha-ha) I began to really think about seriously quitting smoking.

As my daughter began to grow I knew more and more I had to quit, first for me and then for her.  It wasn't the easiest thing that I ever had to do but by preparing my mind for what was ahead I was able to overcome the obstacles that I was faced with. 

I know this time my quitting smoking is for good because it is like no other time I quit before.  I always missed smoking before, not anymore!  I am FREE!  With all the talk about the best way to quit smoking I realized that if you can overcome the psychological effects of smoking you are 90% of the way there.  Everyone has a different idea, or best idea on how to quit, but the truth is; different things work for different people.  So if you are in the process of quitting smoking then keep pressing on until you find the quit smoking method that works for you.

Best Wishes,signature

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